SangeParsi – Iranian Stone Prices

Sange Parsi (Persian Stone) as an Iranian Stone Company, using the latest technologies in the production, processing and supply of all types of stones (Travertine, Onyx, Granite, Marble, Antique and Cubic stone) in Slabs and tiles in IRAN (Isfahan City), doing services such as consulting, offering And Export stone to its customers.

Export Natural Stone from IRAN

Slab Stone

NajafAbad Black | Lashotor | Persian Scato | Aligudarz Chrystal | Dehbid Spider | President Crystal | Aligudarz Blackline | Chinese Azna Slab | Golden Galaxy | Dehbid | Wavy Onyx | Nabati | Panda Crystal | Multi Color | Qorveh Crystal | Cappuccino | Marshal Marble | Sky Grey | Butterfly Onyx | Smoky Silver | Khoy Wavy | Khoy Waveless | Light Emperador | Sliver Portoro
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Travertine Stone

Abbas Abad | Tarq | Hajiabad | Atashkooh | Chocolate | Waveless Abyaneh | Waveless Atashkooh | Dare Bokhari | Waveless Abbas Abad | Waveless Cream Abbas Abad | Abbas Abad Wavy Light Cream | Smoky Silver | Waveless Chocolate
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Onyx Stone

Green | White | Butterfly | Orange | Nabati | Honey | Kerman Green | Kerman White | Wavy Pearl Onyx
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Marble Stone

Dehbid | Abadeh | Najafabad | Lashotor | Cappuccino | Spider Dehbid | Harsin | Diplomat | Khoy | Golden Galaxy
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Granite Stone

Astan Grey | Orange | Rozan Cream | Shaghayegh | Elephant Blue | Diamond Cream | Alamut | Natanz
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Antic Stone

It is composed of small and broken pieces of travertine and adhesives. The use of decorative stone scraps such as travertine, in addition to enhancing the productivity of nature’s excellent materials, create beautiful and eye-catching stone products. Designers and architects use this type of stone to beautify the exterior and interior of buildings as well as landscaping the villa and gardens…
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Cubic Stone

It is one of the oldest Iranian cobblestones. It is used in a variety of areas, including landscaping parks, villas, water fountains, atmospheres of water, accelerators and porcelain walls.
Cubic rock has high strength and resistance to various factors such as abrasion, climate change, abrupt pressures and chemicals.
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