Iranian Granite Stone

Granite Stone, or marble, is a type of inner igneous rock that contains medium to coarse grains and is composed of quartz and feldspar, mica and some other minerals.
The color of the granite depends on the minerals and chemistry of the rock, and it is found in a variety of colors such as pink, gray, alder, black, etc. in nature.
Granite rock is formed from the cooling of molten masses called magmas and is one of the hardest and most resistant rocks.
Granite stone is more resistant to marble and travertine and its shining and shining surface is preserved.
Granites are more durable and more durable than limestone, so they are more commonly used in high-traffic locations, such as paving streets, office buildings, commercial buildings, and subway stations. The best look of granite stone is its polished state, which shows the beauty of the color and the reflection of its crystals. Granite is often used for flooring and wall frames because of its special luster and luster.

Astan Grey Granite stone

Orange Granite stone

Orange Granite stone

Shaghayegh Granite stone

Elephant Blue Granite stone

Diamond Cream Granite stone

Alamut Granite stone

Natanz Granite stone