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Traonyx Slabs from Iran

Traonix rock is one of the most beautiful natural rocks in the category of calcareous rocks and is a relatively modified sedimentary rock. It is a combination of travertine and marble. Traonix is ​​a porous cemented limestone produced by mineral springs of chemical and sometimes biochemical origin.
Traonix ore extracted from mines in terms of various colors and in light green and dark smoky colors and light gray and dark white and white khaki red light and dark lemon pale and bold wood brown chocolate walnut, color, stripe color, color and special tangled Be. These colors can be wavy or non-wavy, simple and patterned and have color rotation. Traonix rock According to petrographic studies, the texture of Traonix rock is composed entirely of carbonate minerals and the main minerals of Traonix rock include calcite, aragonite and iron carbonate.

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