What is Slab Stone

  • ?Do you know what slab stone is? Do you know the uses and benefits of slab stone
  • Slabs include stones and are generally referred to as stones that have large dimensions and are cut into large dimensions.
    In this article, we will talk more about slab stone.

?What is a slab stone? What features does it have

Slab in Latin means large boulder. Hence, stones that are cut into large pieces are called slabs. In this article, we will talk more about this type of stone. So if you want to know more about slab stone, stay with us until the end.

Stones have always been a functional material. In fact, man has been a creature who has always wanted to make good use of everything around him. Stones are one of the items that can be used in optimal ways. The stones had to be mined first and then cut in a stone factory. Depending on the use, different cuts can be applied to the stones.

One of these types of cuts is called slab cutting. A slab is a cut that is large in size. Therefore, slab stone can be used in large spaces and large positions.

?How is slab stone produced

Slab production of stone is one of the newest and most modern methods of stone processing. In this method, special devices such as saws, wirecuts are used. In this method, the coupe stone, which is the raw stone, is cut by special blades in a reciprocating motion. Most stones can be cut this way and slab is actually the name that the cutting and cutting method has given to the stone.

The dimensions of this type of stone are usually more than 80 cm wide. It should be noted that the dimensions of the slab stone are directly related to the size of the raw stone or stone block.


?What are the characteristics of slab stone

Here are some of the most important benefits of slab stone:

:Beauty and eye-catching

The rocks are generally beautiful. This is because rocks are part of living nature and everything in nature is beautiful. When these stones are cut into large pieces, the beauty of the item is greatly enhanced. Because cutting in a large cut makes that unparalleled beauty stand out more than ever. Of course, in the process of industrialization, the stone is polished and this also helps to make it look better.

:More strength

As mentioned earlier, slabs are cut to large dimensions and thickness. This makes this stone even stronger.

Higher quality than tile stones: Slab cutting is a method that has excellent quality, this type of cutting has a better quality than other cuts, including tile cutting.

:Ease of transportation

As it turns out, a slab stone is a large one-piece stone. Therefore, it is easier to transport than tile stones.

Types of slab stones

Now that we have talked about slab stone and its characteristics, we need to know the types of this stone. Hence: Azna porcelain, Aligudarz porcelain, Skato porcelain, Bianco porcelain, Dehbid cream stone, Dehbid Spider stone, President crystal stone, Agata Black crystal stone, Panda crystal stone and Panda porcelain stone are among the types of slab stones. Coming.

In the following, we will review the features of some of them together.

:Azna Chinese slab stone

This stone is one of the few high quality stones. Also, this type of stone has many different uses and therefore can be used in all parts of the building. It is worth mentioning that along with excellent appearance and unique quality, Azna Chinese slab stone has an affordable price.

:Scottish Porcelain Stone

The material above has a white background and black and gray lines. Also, it is mostly processed in the form of slabs and in book designs and four wrists, and for this reason, it also has full applicants for tablets.

:Bianco Chinese Slabs

This stone is mined in Aligudarz. It has a very high compressive strength, its polished surface is excellent and its water absorption is minimal.

:President Crystal Slabs

President crystal slab stone with dark background is one of the best stones that can be cut by slab method. One of the advantages of dark stones is that dirt and grime are not visible on it at all, and due to their excellent sub-susceptibility, they always look polished and beautiful.

:Agata Black Crystal Slabs

This item also falls into the category of luxury stones. Its color is black and white and brown streaks are visible on it. The use of this stone in the style of slabs gives the building a beautiful and desirable effect.

As we have seen, slab stone has various types and applications. We hope you find this article useful.

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