Antique stone

Antic Stone is composed of small and broken pieces of travertine and adhesives. The use of decorative stone scraps such as travertine, in addition to enhancing the productivity of nature’s excellent materials, create beautiful and eye-catching stone products. Designers and architects use this type of stone to beautify the exterior and interior of buildings as well as landscaping the villa and gardens. The unique physical and mechanical properties of antique stone have led to a significant increase in its sales market in recent years.

Due to the use of decorative stones in the production of antique stone, the final product has a unique and unique beauty. On the other hand, the possibility of creating different designs with different colors has increased the variety of antique stone. Therefore the most important places of antique stone can be named in the design of the exterior and exterior of buildings, the view of the courtyard of the house, the design of the villa and garden space, the use of the wall around the columns, the decoration of the fireplace.